Monday, May 31, 2004

The Drive In Picture Show

 A few of you have left comments asking about the Drive In Movies near my house. I know that the number of multiplex movie theaters continues to rise and that a night at the movies costs almost as much as a day at Disney World. I also know that the number of drive in theaters across the country is dwindling. But... Here in Ft. Lauderdale at the Swap Shop, the nostalgic opportunity to watch the big screen under the stars has been preserved. Added Perk-It only cost 4 bucks per person to get in. "Such a deal"  Feel like getting nostalgic, click HERE

      There are no longer speaker boxes to hang on your window, you tune in to a local radio station to hear the sound. There is however a snack bar (just like way back when) serving up all the usual movie time snacks. And if you would prefer not to walk there are guys on golf carts loaded up with refreshments of every kind. You could even get an ice cold beer if you were so inclined.

     If you are ever out this way (and who wouldn't want to be), I would suggest that you visit the Swap Shop for more than just the Drive In. It does happen to be Florida's 2nd largest attraction (we all know what the first is) it has indoor out door bargain shopping, amusement rides, an arcade and an awesome circus showing daily. check it out for your self at   SWAP SHOP

*** Coy ***

If any of you HTML geniuses get tired of looking at my graphics in those tiny you've got pictures boxes, feel free to contact me and volunteer to walk me through uploading graphics and adding them to my journaljust one time. 



merelyp said...

Great Links!  Great entry.  I'll be there, next time I'm in the area.

stop me by IM anytime and I will be more than happy to walk you through uploading pics to Hometown, then adding them to your entries.  Really!


mmrswebb said...

Sounds like a lot of fun.  I have never been to a drive in theater, but i have always wanted too!!~Holly

merelyp said...

WOW!  LOOK WHAT YOU DID!  woo hoo indeed!

Coy said...

I'm here to borrow this post from my 6 year younger self. I'll use parts of it for notes in my art journal, maybe I'll post it on blogger.

There is so much my 50 year old self could have said to my 44 year old self that wrote this. And I would have been very happy to share with her the secerets to posting photos. Much easier now than it was then.

* Coy *