Thursday, May 13, 2004

Hodgepodge of incomplete thoughts

I’ve been way to busy and much to tired to update my journal this week.


     Training for a new position at work all week in a very high paced environment that requires multitasking at all times.


     Working on invitations to my Sisters 40th Birthday/ Nieces Graduation Party on June 13th.  I know that’s in 4 weeks. Custom invitations, gives me a chance to show off my creativity a little, I just don’t like being rushed. This is no small party and this is no small invitation job with my sister everything has to be done in to the extreme and that’s a good thing.


     The invitations are turning out better than I expected. The Theme of the party is Brittney’s Changes in Latitude as she graduates High School and moves on to college.

Theresa’s Changes in Attitude as she turns 40

Nothing remains quite the same.


     That’s right folks we are bringing Margaritaville to Boca in a really big way. I’ll keep you posted on party plans.


     1 day weekends and 6 day work weeks for 6 ½ years is catching up to me this week in particular. I don’t normally require a whole lot or sleep or rest but I feel extremely exhausted this week


     Being a mother to Mandy is a full time job in its own. Trust me when I say to you that they need you more at 17 than they do when they are 5.


     So… tired old me has not updated my own journal but I have spent some relaxing leisure time reading others. I am very surprised at the impact that some of the other journals here in J-land are having in the day to day rounds of my life.


     I love reading journals as much as I love writing my own. On my down time it is easy to sit down at the computer and spend hours hopping around from journal to journal soaking up information about the interesting lives of their writers.


     I still read my original 4 daily reads, every single time they are updated no matter how busy my day has been. I have added a new one to that list as well. My new journal entry alerts has not been working this week so I have had to read the journals the old fashioned way by clicking on each one each time I am at the computer.


    Back to surprising impact… The three women on my daily reads list are SloMo, Freepeace and Penny. These 3 amazing dynamic women always keep me coming back for more. I love keeping up with the events in their day to day lives. They are so brave in bearing their souls and sharing with us their highs and their lows. Their words and their messages are often so intimate. I think I know more about each of them right now than I do about most of my closest friends.


     I feel happy for them when they are happy, excited for them when they are excited, concerned about them when they are going through extremely tough times. The one thing I think all 3 of them have the most in common is the ability to put down into words their fears and their pain in a way that allows us to feel for a brief moment  what it might be like to be them. They are my hero’s.


     Billbinford is also one of my daily reads. Bill was the very first person to leave a comment in my journal and has taken great care from day 1 to make sure I don’t have zeros on comments added to an entry. Thanks Bill.


      I have gotten to know a lot about Bill and his wife and daughters from reading his journal every day and I really missed him when he was gone away for so long to the Miami and New Orleans Cable Shows.


     The new kid on my daily read list is Golden Child Superstar. His entries seem to come more on a weekly basis and I look forward so, to him coming out to play. I love the way he writes and I love the way he’s got all the girls in j-land wrapped around his little finger I patiently await his new entries. A Superstar indeed.


     This entry is a hodgepodge of incomplete thoughts that are on my mind right now because I am to tired to write a real entry. Guess I will call it “Hodgepodge of incomplete thoughts.      

                                        Good Night All

                                           *** Coy ***



lucylouladybug said...

I feel quite honored that you mentioned me, and touched for the compliment.  
I feel you and I have alot in common, and when I move to Florida (yep, sometime in the next year, possibly sooner), I'd love to meet you in person!  I'm currently looking for jobs there now, as it doesn't look real promising here for me.  My ex-husband has a job there now, and we share custody of Dallis.  It would be nice to have a friend there.  I'll be posting more about this in my journal soon.
I hope your schedule eases up some, rest and relax when you can.  And I'm looking forward to hearing more about the parties!
Love, Penny

slowmotionlife said...

This is one of the sweetest entries I've ever read.  I personally don't think I do anything more than what others in AOL-J do - we write about our lives - but for some reason, a lot of people have found themselves relating to my journal on a deeper level, and I'm really thankful for that. It's brought many friends my way.  You're one of those people.  ::hugs::

billbinford54 said...

Thank you for your kind words.  I am honored to be the only male on the list.   I always saw myself as a Phil Donahue type!  I too can't wait to read about the parties. You're so creative.