Monday, May 31, 2004

A lesson in connecting at the soul.

    When is the last time that someone called out of the blue to tell you how much they appreciate your presence in their life? When is the last time that you did something like that for someone else?

    Let's try it together. Make a list of 3 people that you truly appreciate. Now go back to your journal and acknowledge each one of them. When your done come back here and leave your link. This should be fun!!!

     Here is my first one, 2 more after work.   

D. - You are my unique, amazing, extraordinary friend. I can tell you anything. Even deep dark secretes that I would never tell anyone else. 

 Your presence adds interest and surprise to ordinary days and you always make me feel less alone.

    I crave your opinion on just about everything and the pleasure I find in your sense of humor helps my soul relax.      

   I adore truth telling with you sometimes until 3 am or 4. We never run out of things to say.  

      Maybe when the kids are grown we can find more time to spend together or maybe we never will.  

     But no matter, my life is no doubt better because you are in it. Thank you for so many little things.  

                                     *** Coy ***

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billbinford54 said...

And Memorial Day is such a good day to do it. Thanks.