Saturday, May 22, 2004

Stella's 40th

Happy 40th Stella        

       Today is Stellas 40th birthday. Her Husband brought a cake in to work and sent her a dozen of the most beautiful perfect roses that I have ever seen. Awww he's so cute. The night shift took up a collection and bought her a spill proof coffee cup and gift certificate for Starbucks.   

     I wrote her a poem and made her a birthday card out of it (1st photo). I also bought her one of those colorful little paper holders like mine (photo 2) that they fight over when I am not there. I had to get Dave one too! Would not be good if she got one and he didn't.

       I wrap everything in cellophane and curling ribbon. Kind of my signature. If you ever get a gift from me chances are about 99% it will be wrapped like (photo 2). I guess it comes from all those years wrapping party favors at my sisters party store. Notice the kid like bubble letters too. I know it's a little corny but every one seems to like it.

     Now I don't claim to be a poet but Stella's card made her cry. You can see from her photos that she has hair down to there. She's a real beauty, a Mexican cutie and we laugh together every day. I mean real belly laughs. the kind of laughs that make your eyes tear and send to much oxygen to the brain. If laughter is the best medicine then she and I should  the picture of health.    

       Hope that all of what she wished for is the least of what she got today.                               

                                            *** Coy ***


crazy4hunter2 said...

Thanks for the comment in my journal it was under the screen name Hot4beckley you said you got it from Penny's journal. Penny also has my AOL journal listed under other journals or fav. sites Im not sure, its under Tracy but if you would like to check it out it is     Thanks again, Tracy

billbinford54 said...

Ok, I see my comment on the previous was too late.  It sounds like it was a great day.  I think I will adopt your wrapping scheme.