Wednesday, May 5, 2004



   We've Been Pimped

          By The Best!


A Shout out to the Pimptress of Ceremony herself, SloMo.Does she look great in purple folks or what?


Thanks so much Slo, way to make a girl feel loved! Better than making the AOL top 5 list any day!


Thought you might want to see the photo above. Real picture of me as the original Pimp, Hustla, Gangsta 25 years ago.


                      *** Coy ***  


svenskagrl said...

Coy...PERfect photo!  I love it!

kiskar said...

That picture is hilarious! Thanks for visiting and commenting in my journal! I've added you to my faves, so I'll definitely be back! - K. :)

slowmotionlife said...

ROFL!!!  This pimp ain't got nuttin' on you, woman!!  tehehe... I bow down to your pimp-ness!  :P

Great photo!  LoL  And you're very welcome for the pimp.  I hope it brings lots of tricks your way.  Tricks.. or treats... either is good.  :D

goldenchildnc said...

WERD BABY! SloMo is da shiznit!!!! She pimped me way back when journals was first getting started. You've arrived! :-)

lamove04 said...

I remember seeing this picture a few months back-- it's great!  :-) Albert

cneinhorn said...

too funny Coy!