Monday, January 3, 2005

Here are the recipes I promised, better late than never.

     Thanks to so many of you for not letting me forget, enjoy but ...

      Don't expect anymore recipes like these in this journal anytime soon, for now it's all about healthier choices and nutrition.

     Funny how when you are in a hurry things tend to come out a little crooked. Maybe I'll have time to fix this when I get home tonight, maybe not.

                                                   *** Coy ***




mommysquiettime said...

Thank you!!! I am definitely going to try these!

geminiwilder said...

thanks!  you have beautiful handwriting, too!  

slowmotionlife said...

Mmmm.. they sound yummy!!  Especially the Artichoke one.  Delicious!  But yeah, I'm with you.. dieting ... AGAIN... LOL  Happy New Year, Coy!