Wednesday, January 5, 2005

It's a tradition.

    It's a tradition to go to the beach on New Year's Day if you live in South Florida, partly because there is nothing else to do here but mostly to make our friends and family in the north a little jealous ... did it work?

     You might have seen our New Years Day beach, seagulls and pizza pictures  <--click and some of you were asking why we didn't go in the water.

      Well, it's warm enough to swim in I guess but not only are there plenty of Portuguese Man-Of-War out there this time of year but there are also some serious riptides and undertows.

     Ahhh ... note to tourist, the red flags are there for a reason, head the warnings ... please. There have been nearly 20 rescues and at least one death in the last few weeks due to these strong currents.

     BTW, if ever you are caught in a riptide, don't fight it and try to swim back to shore, swim parallel to the shore until you are out of the current and then you will be able to swim in.

     I have really enjoyed my week as editors pick, there has been a lot of traffic through here in the past few days and I think I have made a few new friends along the way. I have received a lot of questions from new journalers regarding help with your journals, especially with photos and graphics.

     I remember how frustrating it was in the beginning, having to use the tiny you've got pictures box for my photos. It took quite a while to figure out that once the photos are downloaded they still have to be uploaded. (thanks Mumsy for helping me figure it out) Most people use AOL'S FTP space, I use an outside source called Photosite to upload because of some incompatibility issues with Windows XP and AOL software.

     I'm not going to pretend to have all of the answers, instead I'll send you to John Scalzi, <-- click we call him The Blog Father. AOL pays him to have the answers and he does.

     Because someone asked ... I scanned a Pauker print called reflections to make Connie's card below, I won it at an art show last year when I was in St. Thomas. I've always liked this piece, not sure why I've never framed it. Anybody recognize that beach?

     Note to Linda ...  it was sunny and near 80 again today, 66 and breezy tonight here in Boca. Want to trade places just for a day? I would love to see some snow.

                                  *** Coy ***


vickicarmon said...

I'm new here to AOL and I have recently started my Journal of sorts, mainly for a few of my friends...but if someone else stumbles across it - I hope they enjoy my ramblings.  My journal site is:

Back to the point here - I have truly enjoyed reading your entries.  I have read quite a ways back.  You should consider writing a book!  Keep up the good work!

Vicki in MS

dcmeyer420 said...

Yay, Coy! Yup, I saw your picture on Editor's Pick.  Glad to know the now-famous-blogger Coy!

suzypwr said...

I have your snow RIGHT HERE!! No riptides! xoxo

cinnaspicy said...

I really like the beach, even though I cannot swim. I am twelve years old and cannot swim! I wish I could go to the beach on New Years Eve, but we go to church instead. ... I started talking about me didn't I? I'm sorry!!! I tend to do that... anyway, I loved your entry.

tabbicat2020 said...

how do you get peeps to coment no one comments on my journals???

mommysquiettime said...

That tradition sounds very fun.  I'm in Northern California, and I'm jealous along with the people up north. :-)

judypearllove said...

Thank you for the link to John's sight and his latest entry is about FTD space and pics. I need this information so much. To tired to do it tonight just got off from the casino. they are about to kill me. A month of very huge crowds and now another month of world poker tournament people. Yes I'm very jealous of your pic. I grew up on the TN. River and lived on Hollywood Beach in Florida, been to Hawaii, LA, the Nothern Sea in Amsterdam and several cruises.  I love the water. I live 5 min from the miss river and live on a lake also. Nice pic.

sunflowerkat321 said...

Lovely photo Coy...
The beach on New Years day is a tradition I could get into.  I'd love to start the new year gazing out at the ocean.

I'm interested that you upload through another site.  I didn't know you could do that.


shelt28 said...

I love your pictures!

kristeenaelise said...

Sigh!!  I'd love to see the ocean someday... your pics are gorgeous, as always.  I'm more than a little envious!!

=) kris

cgclg said...


As a former Boca resident I was so happy to see your photos and read your journal.  Wish I never left, but have many memories.

thanks for sharing

slowmotionlife said...

When we were in Florida over New Years, my sister-in-laws boyfriend was talking about going surfing on New Years Day.  LOL  I don't know, though... sometimes I get depressed at the warmth in the middle of winter.  The worst is doing your Christmas shopping in shorts.  Agg.  :P

cneinhorn said...

It was so warm this year, the kids were dipping their feet in the Atlantic ocean, in NJ! On New Year's day!  But too chilly to swim, although the surfers were surfing....Love the photo!  :-)

sasonalmah said...

Your little jealousy trick did not work...not in the least...not for me...maybe for others.........................OKAY!!!!  Who in the world am I KIDDING!!!!!!!!  I am SOOO jealous!!!!!!!  LOL


lindainspokane said...

love this picture! i dont think i am jealous....but i will admit a bit envious that u can go to the beach when ever u would like to...i love the ocean and dont get to see it hardly ever...but then i think....its the beginning of january..its supppsed to be cold and snowy...and i look out my window just now...and i see its really snowing hard...and it is very pretty out! can i have both worlds?? LOL and yes, i think i would love to trade places...for just a day or 2 though...!


bookncoffee said...

Just Beeeeachy!!!!  Sounds like a good tradition to me!!!!

ann7inflorida said...

The photo you posted is gorgeous!!! Just like the weather has been ; ) lol! I was thinking about you the other day when I was driving around. It was sooo nice out and I remebered how you mentioned in various entries loving florida for that reason. Have a happy Friday, Coy!!! ~Ann : )

sdpn72 said...

Wow, what a beautiful picture! Thanks so much for sharing it with your visitors!

My journal:

judithheartsong said...

In all my years in the water in Florida ~ swimming and snorkling, with and without my kids, we thankfully never got caught in a rip. All tourists should have to take a survival course before heading into the water as it is often Florida natives that go in after them when they are in trouble.
I had one water rescue during my twenty years there, and thankfully it was in a swimming pool and the old gentleman lived.
Great entry. I still try to get to the ocean, or at least to water for the New Year.
great entry and LOVE the print below. Frame it!!!

bonlynnartist said...

amazing............your journalis.a work of art..................I hope to get to the point where i can be this free/ PC is new to me.