Thursday, March 25, 2004

Caribbean Cruise

  These are pictures from the Caribbean Cruise I took in January. It was an Employee Of The Year Trip with my company and one of the most exciting weeks of my life. There is nothing that could compare to traveling with the 120 people in our group.

     No matter where we went or what we did on board or in port we ran into people that we knew so there was always something to do and someone to do it with. This was indeed a trip of a lifetime. 

     I brought my friend Sheila with me (thanks Louis for letting your wife enjoy this trip with me). We were up early every morning enjoying the ocean view on the balcony then off and running to take part in every single activity of the day. Dinner was at 8:45 every evening. We had group seating so every one in our group sat where the wished within the 120 seats we had reserved. Soooo every night there were new people to meet and friends to make. Dinner was one of the best times of the day for us.

     Most evenings we would linger until 11:00 when the show would start upstairs. After the show, off to close down the piano bar and then upstairs until 2 or 3 in the morning in the lounge. Sheila and drank club soda so no need to sleep in the morning with all of the other night owls.  After a few hours of sleep we were up and out early again.

     I could write forever about this trip but I wont, at least not tonight. I take a lot of photos and I will say that this first one has to be one of my all time favorite photos I have ever taken. It was in a little alley in St. Thomas.

     It was so lovely, the back doors to some very artistic little shops. I use this photo for my desk top so I see it every day and remember what it was like to be there in that particular moment with my friend Sheila in St. Thomas.  



ann7inflorida said...

The photos are great!!! Everyone looks happy & the island looks sunny & inviting. A cruise to a tropical destination is sounding REALLY good right now! ; ) (Who are all of the cute guys? lol)

cneinhorn said...

I seem to remember that first photo blown up elsewhere in your journal, no?  Great perspective.  The cruise sounded so nice, I'd love to go on one someday...