Thursday, March 25, 2004


     My son Joey called today. He is 20 years old and lives in Louisiana. He went to the dentist and they are going to have to do a tooth extraction. The dentist wants to charge him 350.00 to extract the tooth, guess it has to be surgically removed.

     That did not sound right to me so I called Louisiana and found another dentist that is only going to charge 150.00. I knew exactly which dentist he went to when I heard how much he was going to charge.

     A tooth extraction at 20 does not sound good. He is no longer under my insurance and I am sure that like most kids health insurance and dental insurance seems about as important as starting up a 401K plan. I hope Joey takes good  care of his teeth they have to last a long long time.

     Above is an uncompleated drawing I did of Joey when he was 16.


ann7inflorida said...

My teeth & my wallet are hurting just thinking about it! ; ) I love the drawing! SHEESH!!! You sure are talented. Writing, photography & you can draw too?! Very cool Coy! : )

cneinhorn said...

Wow Coy, you draw too!  We don't have dental insurance either and dentists can get so expensive.  I have to shop around for another, I realized ours charges more than most just for a cleaning.