Thursday, March 25, 2004

Just like a lighthouse

     I often direct so much of my time and energy to taking care of what's best for the people I love the most. It can become all consuming and often I forget to take care of whats most important me.

     I want my daily rounds to be motivated by making necesssary choices that will bring more health, joy, love, creativity, passion and contentment to my own life.

     Today my journey changes direction as I begin to reclaim my life. I will search for the knowledge and determination to make the crucial changes in behavior, thought and additude so I can  become the best that I can be. 

     Over 25 years ago, one of my closest friends Chris wrote a song called Just Like a Light House. The lyrics included a part that said " I'm just like a light house on a stormy sea, if your boat gets lost you can depend on me. When it's cold as the rain and it's black as the night, look for me and I am always in sight. But all I want to know is who, who looks out for me when I'm lookin out for you?

     The truth is no one. No one looks out for me. I have spent so much time looking out for them when I should have been spent more time looking out for me.




mgraves6033 said...

Sorry, I chose the wong entry, but now this entry also has a comment!

slowmotionlife said...

I think as mothers and caregivers, we often put the needs of our loved ones before ours.  It's good to recognize that our own needs and desires have importance too.  I know when I first started journaling, I was determined not to allow my journal to be about my family.. it was the ONE thing I wanted for myself.  Over the past year, my family has crept into my writing.  But it's OK.. because that's the CHOICE I made.  It feels good to finally feel that I have that choice.  And it's still MY space, you know?  Great entry!  :)

ann7inflorida said...

Coy, I am seriously enjoying these early entries! This is very deep & motivational at the same time.

cneinhorn said...

And now is your time to look out for the lighthouse lyrics.  

lamove04 said...

These early entries are so YOU.  I think you've achieved your stated goal with your journal.  --Albert