Friday, March 26, 2004

I hate change

 Part 1

    They are changing companies to handle our 401K plan at work. I hate change. They have someone comming next week to get us settled in. I'm betting that what ever company they are choosing won't carry our company stock. We don't get stock options in any other way, we have been fighting to keep them with our 401k.

     Saving for retirement is pretty mind boggling even though it is 20+ years away. I would immagine no matter how much I save it's never really going to be enough. If I plan to live an additional 30 years after retirement then they say that I can only withdraw 3% of my savings per year.

     The statements I get from Social Security say that if I continue earning the same amount I am earning now I will only get about 900.00 per month from them and that's if they are still around by then. With inflation and taxes figured in I will have to have an enormous amount of money saved up in order just to get by on the national poverty level.

     I would hope that social security will only be a small percentage of my retirement income so chances are good that I will have to work until I am really old unless I find some way to save very aggressivly over the next 20 something years.

     I don't think about these things very often at 41. Guess it is just on my mind a lot right now because we are going to be going through these changes next week.



vladimirovsky said...

    Seems strange...I am a totally disabled Vietnam vet,,,and get a nice pension from the VA and social free medical,drugs and optical..and dental for life............these problems I too used to worry about have vanished for me....but not for millions of others.

cneinhorn said...

I think about this kind of stuff alot, especially since I"m home more now with my Little One, and my Husband doesn't get any benefits with his job, no insurance, pension anything.  So, I know that I'll have to get a job that has it, since his never will......