Sunday, March 28, 2004

For the love of Sushi

         I Love Sushi... My very best sushi sharin buddy is my friend David at work, we order Sushi every chance we get. Occasionally we get adventurous look to try something new. One night we were considering the "Boca Roll".

     The description said smoked salmon, shrimp,ikura, scallion, avacado, I/O fish eggs on top. Neither of us knew what ikura was so he looked it up on Google before we ordered. The description was as follows...

Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaasty. This stuff is like little balls of gooey nastiness. With a capital ASTY. I have no idea why anybody would upon their violition ever eat this stuff, Look at the picture. I can only imagine what this stuff will look and smell like when it arrives in the mail a week later. Oy vey iz mir.  ( brooklynboy)

      Needless to say, after reading that description we opted not to order the Boca Roll and went with Rainbow Rolls instead. Later the picture came up and we laughed and laughed when we saw it. We agreed that we should make our own description for Google, something like "yummy little balls of seafood delight". A real treat when prepared by a good Sushi Chef.  We love that stuff.

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freeepeace said...

Hi - Not much of a raw fish fan here. But I like Avocado and Veggie rolls...and sometimes California rolls. Anyway, thanks for visiting my journal. If you're looking for hints and tips - check out the following by a fellow journaler. Have fun! :)

lucylouladybug said...

I saw your comment on Slomo's journal, and thought I'd some visit.
Not much of a sushi fan, although I think the presentation is pretty.
BTW, I'm the writer of Whatever I Say that you have in your sidelinks,
and I don't write in that journal anymore. If you want to read mine,
here's the new link.
Take care, Penny

musenla said...

Hello, thanks for visiting my journal and leaving a comment. Let me welcome you to the AOL Journals community. Freeepeace over there provided you an excellent link on journal tips and tricks, you will get tons of ideas there.

Also, I LOVE sushi. Just had some for dinner tonight. I even wrote about it in a previous journal entry:

cneinhorn said...

I like the avacado rolls and rolls with tempura in them.  No raw fish for me thank you!  Although, it looks so pretty when it's presented.