Friday, March 26, 2004

I hate change part 2

part 2   

  I think people like me with only a 401k, as a rule are pretty passive regarding their investments. I do know that allocations should be split 40% bonds, 60% stocks and should be adjusted accordingly each year to ensure buying low and selling high, but I do not always take care of that like I should.

     I do have a goal of increasing to saving 17% of my income in 401k and I do increase some each year with my annual salery increase. I still have a ways to go before I reach that goal.

     I am also a little slow jumping in to open a Roth IRA that I keep telling myself I will open. I know that they are not tax deductable or tax deffered. I would be investing after dollars. I am pretty sure that I would qualify to open a Roth andthat my money would compound tax free for as long as it remained in the account with the added bonus of neither the money or the gains being taxed upon withdraw unlike the 401k where both are taxed. 401k's could also possibly inflate your income so much that you end up paying higher taxes on social securitie benifits but i guess that would be for someone with a lot more income that I could possibly hope to generate between now and then.

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cneinhorn said...

I have an IRA, but unless I"m working more, I can't contribute to it.  I hate thinking about this kind of stressful