Sunday, March 28, 2004

A little hand to reach for yours

     My friends Mary Lou and Jeff have been trying to have a baby for as long as I can remember. They tried everything they could to increase her chances of getting preagnant and nothing worked.

     After a while they decided that they would try to adopt and that began the long long drawn out process of trying to get in the system. There were so many steps that had to be taken and rules that they had top be followed. They took classes they went through inspections and God only knows what other kind of red tape over the years. And no baby.

     They bought a new house and set up the nursery and still no baby. Until now. A week ago, she arrived from Romania. Little Miss Genevive. Above is a photo (1)of her shower invitation and (2) a poem I wrote for them for their shower. Genevive is 2 1/2 already and she really needed her Mommy and Daddy.

     They loved the poem.




billbinford54 said...

I remember my time in Romania - the people overall are beautiful. Please post the pictures. I know of two couples that once they adopted got pregnant!

lucylouladybug said...

Congrats to your friends on getting Genevive!
I love the card, my screenname is Lucy Lou Ladybug!
Pretty poem too!
Looking forward to seeing pics of Genevive.
Take care, Penny

ann7inflorida said...

What a great entry & the poem is beautiful! : ) Hugs to you Coy!!!~Ann : )

cneinhorn said...

YOur poem was so nice.  I'm glad your friends finally got their little girl...