Friday, March 26, 2004

In like a lamb out like a lion

     In like a lamb out like a lion. As usuasl thats what March has been like in beautiful South Florida. Way to windy to go to the beach this weekend. Undertow's are vicious right now and chances of having your skin sandblasted are good.

     Morning traffic has been good this week because the kids are out of school. Speaking of Spring Break, my niece Brittney (18) and many of her friends have taken the campers and all of the equiptment to the Keys for the week. They have been going all of these years for Spring Break and this year decided to go by themselves.

     They did not get to take the boats and jet skiis this time, gyess they have to prove themselves first. Theresa, (my sister) and Pete did go down for one day with the boat, good thing they did because it seems a few of the kids got a little routy and ended up getting kicked out of the park so she spent her whole day in the Keys helping the kids pack up and move to another campground. I'm not sure that is the decision I would have made but that's what happend.

     Guess it's just as well that Mandy has no Spring Break at her Beauty School. It would have been a fun experience to go to the Key's with the kids but I would have been pretty upset with her for getting kicked out.    


ann7inflorida said...

LOL, I know I shouldn't laugh..but their teenagers & it's spring break. : ) (Honestly....I shouldn't be laughing. Sydney is FAST approaching this wild & crazy stage...yikes)

cneinhorn said...

I'm not sure I would have done that either, but teenagers will be teenagers...