Wednesday, March 31, 2004

So what does that have to do with the price of land on the moon?

Plenty if you are Dennis Hope, owner of Lunar Embassy in Garden Grove Nevada.


     Ok, so I heard some people talking at work yesterday about a guy that has been selling land on the moon for the last 23 years. Scam artist or innovative businessman? That was the question of the moment. Thought I would check it out for my self.

     It seems it might be true that over 1,125,000 people from 176 countries have already bought over 300,000,000 acres of Lunar Property from Hopes company " Lunar Embassy. "

     Starting at $19.95 per acre there are several billion pieces of property available on the side of the moon that faces the earth. I would assume that the best view of the earth is considered prime real estate. You know what they say " it's all about location, location location."

     I read on the Lunar Embassy web site that they will be delivering land registration cards to the moon via the " Trail Blaizer Lunar Orbiter." That's what I call special Delivery.

     So I guess if you are an astrology buff or someone looking for a gift for that special someone that has everything, or just looking for an innovative investment at bargain basement prices then Lunar Embassy may have just what you are looking for. At under $20.00 per acre it must be the best land prices in the universe. Check out how he found a loophole in the UN's space treaty that has allowed him to cash in BIG TIME $$$ at   Woohoo the hyperlink works, I'll get this figured out yet!

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billbinford54 said...

I am almost old enough to remember the land rush of the West (HEHE!) but it sounds like the sort of thing that happened in the 1800's!

cneinhorn said...

ya, but who decides who owns the "land" up there in the first place?  this makes no sense to me!