Thursday, April 1, 2004

"Seize the moment," every chance you get.

     It's was very late on Tuesday night, I'm on my way across town to pick Mandy up from a friend's house. My cell phone rings and the voice on the other end says "MOM, we're starving. Do you feel like going out to get something to eat?" (We is Mandy and her close friend Stephanie.) Well of course being the most times conservative and logical voice of reason I say, "No not tonight, it's late, it's a school night and tomorrow is my early morning at work." Well could you at least pick us up something from Mickey D's then? I agreed and hung up the phone. 

     I called right back and said, "I changed my mind,"  I'll see you in 5 minutes and we will go out for a while if you promise to fill me in on the latest details about what's going on in your lives this week. OK? OK they agreed. I thought why should I pass up a perfectly good opportunity to be amused live and in person by the rants and raves of my favorite 2 Cosmo Girls? For what, a couple more hours of sleep?    

     We went to Denny's they lived up to their end of the bargin. The next couple of hours were spent being entertained by their teenage wit and humor. The waitress was charmed by them as well. On the way out the door she said " your girls were a pleasure, they are sisters aren't they?" When I said no, she said "we were all just saying, now that's what sisters should act like!" 

     If you look at the pictures you will see why people often mistake them for sisters. Oh yea, this was also a perfect opportunity to get a few quick shots of the girls together even if one was in her  P.J.'s           

   I sent photos to school with Mandy Wednesday morning. I love my camera and my computer, their is nothing like instant gratification.  

                              *** Coy *** 


billbinford54 said...

It's so true. On Wednesday night, my wife and middle daughter who just wrecked a car went to a concert. My youngest a freshman in hs and I went to a restaurant and really caught up. Unfortunately I swore off cameras soon after the youngest was born. When prom night comes around I go to the market and get a disposable. I guess that makes me a terrible dad.

freeepeace said...

Wow, the "Cosmo Girls" are gorgeous. Great pictures. Yes, that's what sisters should act like. It's sweet that they are so close - just like sisters. Good choice for a couple of hours at Denny's. You can catch up on sleep later. :)