Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Exciting talk of healthy foods and cleansing diets in J -land

           All of this talk about healthy foods and cleansing diets (Slomo and Freepeace) is so exciting. In my minds eye, I see myself as trying to live a holistic lifestyle, healthy foods, plenty of exercise, vitamins, exercise, meditation, yoga, a little sun and lots and lots of water.

     It is always so easy to get side tracked and no doubt that there are times in my life I am much more disciplined than others. I know what I should be doing and when I should be doing it but putting it all together is not always so easy.

     Not many people I know have any idea what cleansing is and most everybody I know survives on the S.A.D. standard American diet. No one to share a shot of wheat grass juice with or high in enzyme, raw foods recipes from Hippocrates Institute. It happens to be right here in West Palm Beach. Some times I think I should live in California where they put avacado and sprouts on everything.

     Photo above is from my shopping trip this morning. Did not drive the extra 5 miles or so to the Whole foods market like I do when I get serious about making healthy changes, but Slow mo’s journal photo did have some influence over what I decided to put into my cart today.

     Maybe next week I will pull out the juicer, drive out to the whole foods market and get really serious about a spring cleansing diet. Until the I will enjoy the one thing in this picture that doesn't belong with the others.

                      *** Coy ***


lucylouladybug said...

Heheheh, hidden pictures, I had to enlarge to see what it was, but you know, even that has things in it that are good for you!  Gives you that feeling like you are in love, so love yourself and I think it will make the health and cleansing all worthwhile!  

Love, Penny

slowmotionlife said...

I think you probably know even more than I do about living a healthy lifestyle.  To be honest, I lived this way for 2 - almost 3 - whole years.  I lost a great deal of weight and changed my life, also saved myself from a lot of health problems that run in my family and had already started to rear their ugly heads in my own body.  But I'm in great need of starting again, getting even more educated, and focus on living a more healthy lifestyle.  It helps to know people like you, who can maybe guide me. So get started!  Teach me something!  :P