Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Statistically speaking


      A friend of mine reminded me on the phone last night that I am a statistic, that’s right a statistic. Like most marriages mine ended in divorce. He also reminded me that most people remarry within 2 to 5 years of getting a divorce. He is much more familiar with the percentages than I am, maybe because he has been single longer. Who knows?

     I have been separated for over 5 years and divorced for 3. I doubt very seriously that I will remarry within the next 2 years. Would seem near impossible considering I have not really even started dating again yet. Did not seem fair to drag someone else I care about into the drama of my not so amicable divorce. (Don’t even ask, it is the stuff that lifetime movies are made of.)

     Things have settled down a lot in my life in the last year or so and maybe I will start looking for some one to join me soon on this wonderful journey I call life. It’s just hard for me to imagine getting back into the dating game, seeing different people looking for God knows what. (That’s not me)

     I also doubt that I will be in a hurry to remarry the first guy that comes along just for the sake of being married. (That’s not me either) I do hope to find some one some day, someone that I really like, really trust and can learn to really love. my soul mate, arma cara, my best friend.

     Until then I do have lot’s of friends, lots of family and lot’s of co-workers to keep me company. When I do feel lonely (as I often do) I can go out into the world in search of a large crowd to be part of or I can talk all night to David on the computer or the phone and let him tell me I am a statistic.

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lucylouladybug said...

I guess that makes me one too, a statistic.  I was married 5 years, and have been divorced for 5.  I've only allowed myself to fall in love once since, and even that didn't work out.  Add to it my age and the fact that I have a child.  I really don't see myself getting remarried either, and while I would like to have a companion, even that's not looking too good.  Sorry, not trying to be so down about it.  I realize some of it is just me.  

Good luck to both of us, lol!  :)

Love, Penny

billbinford54 said...

When I pastored a church I always felt deeply for those in your situation and tried to adopt them into my family life as much as possible. I went that route because I had tried the singles ministry routine and despite my warnings that they weren't here to hook up, that was the underlying expectation of so many, and when it didn't happen they were frustrated.  God bless.