Sunday, April 25, 2004

Weekend assignment

2nd Favorites.

Definitely not as easy as First Favorites!


Here’s my list…


Movie- Dirty Dancing. It’s also my 1st favorite,  as a matter of fact it is my only favorite. I always feel like I am there when I watch it. Rarely will I watch a movie more than once.


Book- How to win friends and influence people, 1936 book by Dale Carnegie. Should be required reading for all teenagers. Although technology has affected the way we communicate with each other,  the basic principles are still the same as they were way back then. Good book, 2nd favorite.


Album- Tom Waits, The heart of Saturday Night. Still love Tom waits after all these years. Most of my music collection is exactly the same as it was in the 70's and 80's only in CD's not vinal. No Disco.


School Teacher- Mr. Rupert, my Jr. High Band director. We all loved Mr. Rupert. He looked so much like Abe Lincoln that they asked him to pose for a painting of Abe that hangs in theWhite House.


Ice Cream- Strawberry Blonde from Cold Stone. Yum… Mandy use to work there.


Sports Team- The Florida Marlins, but not until they got close to making it to the World Series last year. Then they became interesting. Still can’t believe they won. My first favorite team has always been what ever little league team one of my kids were on when they were growing up.


Comfort Food- Not much on mashed potatoes or Macaroni and cheese. My comfort foods are 2nd Favorite,  Boiled Crawfish, 1st Favorite Sushi. If it were not for the love of seafood, I would have become strictly Vegan years ago.


Celebrity Crush- Never really had a celebrity crush, guess I’ll go with Patrick Swayze. My very favorite Celebrity of all times is Oprah, I think she should be president.


Ways to Relax- 2nd Favorite, A day at the beach with a good friend, a good book or Mandy. 1st favorite is sort of private.


billbinford54 said...

I have heard that a Cold Stone has opened in Manhattan. I will have to find it!

slowmotionlife said...

Great Second's Assignment!  Wonder what Scalzi will come up with this week??