Saturday, April 17, 2004

Glad to see them-glad to see them go.

     I got a visit today from 2 of my favorite little people. Ryan and Derek. Their Daddy brought them over for an impromptu visit. I am so glad that he did, they brightened up my day. Mandy will be soooo sad that she was not home to see them.

     When Mandy was 14 she took on a babysitting job for her best friends sister. Derek was only a couple of months old and I must say it made me more than a little bit nervous.

     They live very close to us and their mother only worked a few blocks from home, their Grand parents lived across the street so I guess we felt that we had Mandy covered in case of emergency.

     She never did have an emergency that summer and she worked at least 40 hours per week. In the fall she worked after school, she did that for a couple of years.

     Being with those boys taught her a lot about love, a lot about life and maybe it taught her how important it is to wait until you get your feet planted firmly on the ground before you start a family. Dear God I hope it taught her that.

     Today we laughed a lot, we played the duck game and they finally get it, we fed the fish and chased the birds, took pictures and they did a lot of running around in the back yard.

     When their Daddy was ready to take them home I was not sad for a single moment. As usual I was glad to see them- glad to see them go. I am also looking forward to their next visit.

     No No No... I am not ready to become a Grand Mother. Not yet please!!!

                                          *** Coy ***


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