Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Easter with my Dad.

     My Dad was in town for Easter this year. Not a holiday plan just coincidence that he and 3 of his friends were leaving for a 2 week Caribbean Cruise out of Port Everglades on Monday.

     We drove down to meet them for Easter Brunch at the Hilton and quickley changed our plans, moved the party to the beach. The Oasis Cafe'. It was the first time George (Dad) met his Grand daughters. Mandy 17 and Brittney 18.

     Lunch was great, we did some reconnecting and the Easter Bunny even made an apperance right there on the beach. (Poor hot little bunny.) Sister has bunny pictures on her camera.

     After lunch, Brittney and Chris had to head back to Boca. Theresa, Mandy and I checked into the Hilton and the party continued. We went to Jalapenos for lots of great Margaritas. (Virgin for Me and Mandy)and was I really glad in the morning. I dont drink much plus somebody had to drive.

     Stayed up late, much catching up to do. Some of Mandys friends drove over for a couple of hours. We were not far from home. Up early, for a trip to the Swap Shop before our visit was over and their voyage continued. (I want to go with)

     We fell in Love with his friends. Seems that they travel together a lot. (a lot, a lot) Dad is the baby in his group at 63. I hope that I have awsome friends to continue my journey with when I am their age. Like my dad, I wont want to miss a thing.

     Big plans to stay in touch, talk more, visit often. It is never to late to pick up where you left off with those relationships that mean the most.


slowmotionlife said...

It sounds as if you had a great day of reconnecting.  That's the best way to spend the holiday, I think!  And wow... I love that your Dad still likes to get out, travel with friends, etc.  Like you, I also hope I'm still going like that at his age.  So many people think their life ends after 50.  Pah!!  :D

Great journal!!  

billbinford54 said...

Good choice to leave the Hilton.  One should almost always avoid the restaurant at a hotel - except the W on 47th!  Eat there whenevever possible.

I nearly tear up when I think of meeting grand-daughters for the first time at 17 and 18.  With the relationship you have with your daughters, I know it won't happen to you!  

You are amazing to be so open and bitter free.  It's refreshing.