Thursday, April 15, 2004

Praying for Steven

     This past Sunday morning a friend of mine had the Police show up at her door telling her that her son Steven had been in an accident the night before. Every Mothers nightmare.

     Steven moved to New Jersey about 2 weeks ago with a friend. 19 years old looking for a change of pace and a little adventure like kids sometimes do at that age.

     I'm not sure exactly how this could have happend but they were driving at a high rate of speed, door opened and Steven fell out of the truck and they think another car ran him over.

     Steven has had multiple surgerys on his brain this week. They have had him on a respirator and in a drug induced coma. Lucky for Steven his family cares very much and rushed across the country to be there at his side. His Mom and Dad, 1 of his brothers and 1 sister. He may be there for quite some time.

     Steven grew up with my kids so everyone here very sad and we are all praying for Steven. Our friend Tracey and her husband will be driving out there this week to bring their truck to them and to bring another brother and sister to see him.

     Tracey is always there for Dot when she has an emergency and Dot has always done the same for her. They are both blessed by the friendship of the other and I too feel greatful to call each of them my friend as well.

                             Praying for Steven

                                  *** Coy ***


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