Friday, April 9, 2004

Lucky day for sean and Mia

     Creative juices flowing today. Sean and Mia (my moms co workers) have birthdays this week. She wanted to bring them something to make their day special. So we created these really cute Birthday hats along with matching balloons some orchids from the yard a comedian  straight from NewYork with some really dumb New York jokes, a birthday game, a cake and Wah-Lah birthday is special.

I have to admit that when my mom asked me to help, I could think of a million things I would rather be doing. But as usual once we got started I was really glad I helped.

I had to wait a few days to post this. No journal access. YaY 25,000 characters even though I like short entries some times you just got a little more to say. Lady bug hat made me think of you Penny.


bernmilo said...

very cute...

lucylouladybug said...

What a great gift idea, I love it.  I noticed the ladybugs right away, and I'm glad you thought of me!

Happy Birthdays to Sean and Mia!   (mine's today)

Love, Penny