Friday, April 23, 2004

Pocket Money

     Mandy volunteered her services to clean my car today. She is sort of between jobs right now, her last job was at Cold Stone Creamery. She loved this job it was fun very social with between 10-15 kids her age on staff singing lots of Cold Stone songs, kids being kids. However, even in Florida there is not that much ice cream business in the winter.

     So annoyed with the lack of hours being offered to her she decided her efforts would be better spent getting as many hours in as possible at Cosmo School. Day and night classes almost every day and Saturdays too. All I could say to that was “balance Mandy, balance.”

     Finally feeling the crunch of being out of balance and having empty pockets on weekends, she decided she would ask my sister for a job at Party Perfect. Good idea, should work out great, won’t be easy. She started last week still 1 week till payday.

     So… today is Friday and I guess the only way she could think of to put a couple of bucks in her pocket tonight was to offer to clean the car for 10 bucks like she did when she was 13. It worked. Clean car for me, couple bucks for her. Win, win for us both.

     Only 10 bucks you say, well I left out the part about the promise I made to her a few weeks ago. I told her if she would seek balance and get a part time job so she could start paying her cell phone bill again, I would give her my cell phone and get a new one for my self.

    Oh, you're thinking that is a little selfish on my part, right? She does what I ask and I get the new phone while she gets stuck with the old one. Well if you knew that I have had the same old phone for 4 years and she has had 3 or 4 phones in the past 2 years, you might change your mind. Should she always get the new one? Should I have to keep the old one for all of eternity? I think not!

     Turns out it was not at all cost effective to transfer the old # to the new phone and the new # to the old phone so guess what? Yep, you got it. Mandy nice new phone, Mom same old phone. Where is the justice in that... I ask?



                         Mmmmmmmmm nice clean car!


*** Coy ***


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billbinford54 said...

With three daughters, I have a very old cell phone myself - been there done that! But what can you say.  I love them any way.