Monday, April 19, 2004

To me this is home

    Mandy played hooky from school today and she and I headed for the beach. I know, bad Mom, bad Mom. (actually she opted for night classes instead tonight) It was a little cool and very breezy early in the day but other than that it was a gorgeous day in paradise.

     On Mon, Tue and Thurs I don't go into work until 3:00 in the afternoon so every chance I get I try to head to the beach for a couple of hours in the morning. Their is something soooo relaxing about all that fresh air.

      I love the smell of salt water and sun tan oil, the sound of the waves crashing and children playing, the sight of the seagulls, blue skies and sunshine. And what about the feeling of sand between your toes and the warmth of the sun beating down on your well oiled skin mmmmm.

      The best part for me is just being there in the middle of a large crowd no formal dress code required. Time to relax, read a book listen to music and do a little people watching. I love being part of a large crowd. It always makes me feel less alone.

     I told Mandy that this is exactly what I think of when I think of home. Not the house in Ft. Lauderdale that I grew up in, not the little pink house I live in now that has held host to so many family gatherings over the years, not the house in Louisiana that I raised my children in or the Mountains in Alabama where 90% of every person I'm related to lives.

    No, the greatest feeling of home to me is right there on the sand in the same spot I sit in every chance I get. The same spot I have been sitting in as often as possible since I was a little girl and God willing the same spot I will be sitting in as often as possible until I'm 90 or more.

     I mentioned this to Stella at work last night. She joked around saying "that sounds just like a Hallmark card, almost brings a little tear to my eye." She can't fool me, that is one girl that loves the beach almost as much as I do (we go together when wecan).

     It is probably a good thing for her that she does not read this journal. All this sentimental stuff would probably make her want to puke! Can't help it, as always I just write what I feel and don't care if anyone one else can stand to read it or not!

                                               *** Coy ***

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lucylouladybug said...

I think of all the places on the earth that I love the most, the beach is it too.  Everything you wrote about how you feel, I totally can relate to.  At some point in my future, my daughter and I will be moving to Florida, probably to Merritt Island.  I lived in Lakeland when I was a kid, for probably 3 years.  My ex-husband already has a job there in Cocoa Beach and an apartment.