Sunday, September 5, 2004

Frances on Sunday afternoon



     Heres an up to the minute look out my front door. Frances is still pounding away out there. We have been house bound since Thursday night and it's starting to feel like we are on Noah's Ark or something. ENOUGH ALREADY!!!

     That said I guess I should just be thankful that although we lost our cable service late last night we have retained our electricity through out the storm. So many of our neighbors have been without since Thursday night. Thank you God that we are not taking cold showers and eating out of cans.

     From my front porch I can see that there are lot's of trees down near by and the next door neighbors new shingle roof is spread all over our yard. This storm has caused major damage all across this state (and Bahamas) We are very lucky that as gigantic and slow moving as she has been, she came through as a 2 instead of as a 4 or 5 like she could have.

     At 4:00 I am going to take Mandy over to pick up her friend that has been home alone in the storm and without electricity for 3 day's.

      We are still under curfew it's one advantages of being under a state of emergency. They are able then to impose the curfew not only to insure our safety but also as a way to prevent looters and there have already been some arrests.

     People have driven here from far away places to loot the people forced to leave their homes and stay in shelters. I don't think it gets any lower.

     We also watched on TV as a group of Professional Surfers were forced out of the water yesterday, one of them ran from police onto a pier that had been closed down for days and jumped off into the ocean with his surfboard, as far as we know he has never been seen again. I guess it is possible that he made it to shore without being detected and made is way back into the community, but very little effort was able to be spared for search and rescue on a suicidal stunt like that in the middle of a state of emergency.  

   The good news is, it is almost over, the bad news is there is another one following right in her path. I for one am not looking forward to a repeat performance any time soon.

     Rain, rain go away come again ... well not to soon please:-)

                       *** Coy ***



geminiwilder said...

oh my gosh, stay safe, all of you!!

thanks for the update, and i hope your electricity remains!!


cneinhorn said...

Yikes!  Thank goodness you still have power......stay safe Coy......thinking of you.......and thank you for the update.....glad you are okay.....

ggal3133 said...

I'm glad that you and your family are okay. I heard about Ivan coming along now too, enough is enough!
Continued prayers!

bookncoffee said...

Glad you are safe.  THanks for providing a picture.  Just catching up on all my favorite journals this Holiday weekend.  

I know you are about ready to venture out!  Be careful and maybe you will see sun and some drying soon.  Maybe the next one will be diverted back out to sea!  Prayers work!  

See ya
Sonya (MySouthernHome)

lamove04 said...

Came by to check how you're doing with all that stormy weather.  Glad you've still been able to keep your electricity.  The photo looks pretty forboding though.  Hang in there, Coy!  xxoo, Albert

billbinford54 said...

Our prayers are with you and for next weekend as well. I have never seen anything like this - spoken by a Hurrican Carla 1961 survivor.

slowmotionlife said...

LOL - sorry, I'm laughing about the surfers.  We get those [nuts] too.  :D

Darlin', I'm just so sorry.  I know this one has passed, but you have another aimed at you.  I told Hel last night that I almost hoped it would come at us.  I usually say, "Better them than us!" but the truth is, you guys have had ENOUGH!  I'd risk taking on a hurricane just so that you wouldn't have to go through this AGAIN.  Madness.  ::hugs::