Sunday, September 5, 2004

Maybe I should get back on track

   Investigating passion. You know, those things that make my heart sing! 

      Journaling here is helping me to reconnect with the creative things that I want to be cultivating in my life. There is something very empowering about being able to see my thoughts on page and then being able to read the comments left by others. It serves as a reminder that my creative dream is already in progress and that the only limitations are the day to day snags that seem to redirect my attention.       

     Below is a copy of my very first journal entry back in March. Rereading it reminds my of my initial intentions, hmmm ... maybe I should get back on track. 

                                 *** Coy ***  

    In search of me

      I am 41 years old, a single mother in South Florida. I have fewer responsibilities to others than I ever have in my life. My life is finally becoming my own and sometimes I don't take full advantage of that freedom.

     I am in search of me. I am learning that every day I am given the opportunity to reinvent my self and the sky is the limit.

     Finding adventure and pleasure is becoming a driving force in my life. Creative liberties for my future are completely in my hands. No one is going to pave the way for me.

     I do have to remind my self sometimes to let love in. I forget that love like life is not a constant state of being. It is made up of ordinary moments and incredible moments. Being lovable is the first step to being able to love.

     When I care enough to listen to a friends thoughts, truths and new ideas they will often care enough to listen back and then I feel loved and less alone.



merelyp said...

you are learning to...
Dance in the Rain!

slowmotionlife said...

I think this is what I meant in one of my entries recently.  I've neglected so many things that I really love and I can't even say why.  I've stopped looking for new books, authors, music, poetry, art.  Why? It's good to reconnect with these things.. maybe we'll both find a way to do that.  :)

dbaumgartner said...

One step at a time and with each step you will make a new discovery.  For now, stay safe and out of Frances' way.

ggal3133 said...

Wonderful, thought provoking entry :)
Stay safe in Florida!

emfeasel said...

I like what Mumsy said..



freeepeace said...

Beautiful reflection for yourself Coy.  It's amazing how powerful a healer our own words can be.  Remember too, forgetting is the path to remembering.  'Inactivity' doesn't necessarily mean 'unproductive' to the spirit.  Keep Dancing in the rain.  You're a great you learn...just by being you.  Oh and, that's the best 'first entry' I've read in AOL-J.  Clearly starting a chapter.  :)

ann7inflorida said...

Great writing Coy! very meaningful!!! : )