Friday, September 10, 2004

We do not want Ivan here!



    The photos above are of some of the critters in my back yard that were really glad to see Frances go. They couldn't wait for the bird feeders to be put back up the minute it stopped raining.

     This time last week we were preparing for Frances. This week here in Florida we are busy filling up the tank with gas, getting last minute emergency supplies, making sure we have plenty of ice and water incase Ivan comes this weekend, almost everybody left their shutters up.

     I have watched my neighbors and coworkers spend the whole week taking cold showers, eating out of cans, shaving in the dark, sleeping without air-conditioning, having to get out and about in search of water and ice each day, and we were the lucky ones.

     I did see something I thought was great, right here in my own neighborhood. On the block next to mine the people in the houses on the outside of the block all had electricity and the houses on the inside of the block did not. When I drove down the street I had to smile when I noticed that there was an orange extension cord running across the street at every house. Those with electric shared with out question with their neighbors that were without:-)

     Almost every part of the United States is touched by the likelihood of being at Mother Natures mercy in some way or another, at sometime.

     There are places like Florida that are occasionally hit by hurricanes during the season, we have just had way more that our fair share this year. Luckily it has been 40 years since we were hit by 3 storms in one season, it's not something that happens very often.

     There are also places that are occasionally effected by drought, flood, tornado, earthquake, volcano, forest fire, mudslide, blizzard, avalanche, heat wave, famine, and even terrorist attack.

     Thank God we are living in a Country where in times of disaster, in times of State of Emergency, Congress will step in and do it's part to help it's own in time of need.

      I live in Palm Beach County and although we suffered considerably here, many of our neighbors in the next two counties have lost their homes, their jobs and their schools for as long as the buildings will be needed as shelter for the community. As of right now parents are being informed that school is suspended indefinitely in Martin County School District.

     Florida has been ravaged and we are almost at the point of exhaustion, another direct hit by Ivan next week will be absolutely devastating to some areas.

   Dancing in the Rain's hurricane entries were just that, entries. Little messages to my readers and friends to let them know how we were weathering the storm and to share with them some of the photographs that I hurried off to take right after the storm.

      I have been truly blessed to have become a member of this very tight knit community and to have friends here that care and want to know what's going on.

       How often in life do you find a friend so compassionate and thoughtful that they would send you a message like this ...  

LOL - sorry, I'm laughing about the surfers.  We get those [nuts] too.  :D

Darlin', I'm just so sorry.  I know this one has passed, but you have another aimed at you.  I told Hel last night that I almost hoped it would come at us.  I usually say, "Better them than us!" but the truth is, you guys have had ENOUGH!  I'd risk taking on a hurricane just so that you wouldn't have to go through this AGAIN.  Madness.  ::hugs::
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slowmotionlife - 9/9/04 2:32 PM       

Thanks Slo, wouldn't wish that on you for anything in the world.        

 I am so sorry for the massive destruction that Ivan has already produced in our neighboring islands, there has already been way to much loss with this storm. Enough already, we've just had enough We do not want Ivan here.     

                                                             *** Coy ***



indigosunmoon said...

I am hoping and praying that Ivan just turns his ugly head
out to sea and leaves Florida alone.  How great to know that
even in the face of the devastation of Frances, that there are people willing to share there electricity and everything else with those who dont have it.  Things like that make all the other
crap in this country seem small in comparison.
I've got my fingers crossed this one misses yall!
Love ya,

dbaumgartner said...

I am so hoping that Ivan fools everyone and just fizzles out in the Gulf.  Mother Nature has proven her power, now she needs to let it go!

ggal3133 said...

Yes enough is enough! Hopefully Ivan will just go away. Continued prayers.

ann7inflorida said...

SloMo is the best! I am over the hurricanes!!!!!!

njnettie said...

You guys have been hit so hard....I pray Ivan stays away......cute little squirell dog loves chasing them in the backyard!  We dont' see to many anymore, he's scared them all away!

stormie4851 said...


slowmotionlife said...

I'm late in getting here.. but I'm glad that whatever I said touched you in some way.  Honestly, I meant it.  I knew Florida couldn't handle another one.  Apparently, so did the big man upstairs because he sent it into Alabama.  Those poor people.  Let's hope that's the last of it for this year, yeah?  ::hugs::