Tuesday, September 7, 2004


 Abe Lincoln

At age 22 - Failed at business

At age 23 - Ran for legislature and was defeated

At age 24 - Again failed at business 

At age 25 - Elected to legislature

At age 26 - Sweetheart died

At age 27 - Had a nervous breakdown

At age 29 - Defeated for speaker

At age 34 - Defeated for Congress

At age 37 - Elected for Congress

At age 39 - Defeated for Congress

At age 46 - Defeated for Senate

At age 47 - Defeated for Vice President

At age 49 - Defeated for Senate

At age 51- Elected President of the United States


                      Follow your dreams

                            *** Coy ***


indigosunmoon said...

Wow!  I never knew all that!

dbaumgartner said...

There's hope for me after all!  LOL

ggal3133 said...

Great words of advice, follow your dreams :)

monicalynnnantz said...

Great entry, seems like all of J-land entries that I have read this morning are helpful to me in someway. Thanks........

emfeasel said...

You've got to fail in order to be a winner...it's part of life....

Thank you for reminding us!


randlprysock said...

Hey Coy and nice to meet ya!  I'm over here in Seminole County in Sanford Florida and we're glad Frances left since we are still trying to get over Charley.  We are sick of hurricanes... and I am hoping Ivan goes out to sea.  It is so much work finding water and batteries and all that extra stuff like non perishables.  Love your journal!  I have heard this before in a sermon once but I always love being reminded of how God steered Abraham Lincoln to exactly the place he wanted him.  Amazing isn't it.  We had very little damage to our home, just a small leak and the tree is leaning a bit but needs re-staked.  It's a new home but what a mess these hurricanes make of our cities.  Where are you?  I hope you are all ok and that Ivan stays away, away, away.  I invite you to read my private journal anytime you have a free moment where you can see my three children and the busy life of a mommy stuck in a hurricane time warp- ha ha!

judithheartsong said...

this was a GREAT entry and just what I needed today. You are in my thoughts, Coy.

freeepeace said...

Right on!  I had no idea about his history.  Actually, I don't know much about history in general.  LOL  But this is a GREAT reflection for all of us.  Thanks Coy!

bookncoffee said...

Knowing these things has been an inspiration, as we have seen him so successful - instead of having these valleys in his life.  I never knew it but recently heard that where he went, there was controversy.  Legend doesn't have it that way.  He seemed to be a smart successful man despite these things, thus the inspiration.  Thanks for sharing.

danielled1 said...

OMG, so true, so true.

Love this, thank you


slowmotionlife said...

What a fabulous reminder.  Ambition is more important than intelligence, strength, education, or any other single attribute that is supposed to ensure success.  Keep trying.  Work hard.  Don't take no for an answer.  Push forward.  That's all any of us can do.  :)

cneinhorn said...

the light shines through adversity.......you just have to believe and keep looking for it......great entry Coy!

in2deep1187 said...

Hi i was lookin at the things Francis did on your part of town.Im from Lake County Florida and i know my self we got hit pretty hard here.From the pictures you have taken i see how hard it hit there.I hope this other one keeps going past fl and doesnt look back.Even though it is still lookin bad from what the news is saying.I hope all goes well with you and i hope everyone is safe over on that part of town.I wish you the best of luck and hopefully we can all pull out of this one.

cincoon442 said...

COOL!  RIGHT ON !  I  AM  STILL  FOLLOWING  A  DREAM.  CINCOON442AOL.COM.HTML my  homepage/profile.html