Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Singing in the Rain

WoooHooo... look what I got in the mail today. Who says there is no good news. Some of you may remember that in July my sister and I spent the day in Hollywood at the Hard Rock Cafe. <--click It was a late birthday present. We played really hard we won, we lost, we won, we lost and ultimately we left a lot of our hard earned money there with those nice people that day.

    Ever since, they have been trying to entice us to come back by offering us free rooms, a Tony Orlando without Dawn show, wrestling match tickets, etc., up until now their invitations were for the next day or so, no time for preparation and planning, so no go.

     But this is more like it, plenty of notice and I love Broadway Shows, how could I resist seeing "Singing in the Rain, while I am " Dancing in the Rain" hmmm.

     I'll bet if I got two tickets it must mean that Theresa got two tickets also. If my brother in law doesn't want to go we'll just invite a couple of girlfriends and make a night of it. I can't wait to call her tomorrow.

     We will absolutely not be doing as much gambling this time, we only do that once a year, I need to save all of my gambling money for Vegas or Atlantic City with AOL-J next year.

      I feel the need to say that I am pretty disappointed that because Atlantic City did not win the vote for location, they now want to have 2 separate gatherings. Why did we even vote, we would have been just as happy with Atlantic City but we do want everybody to be in the same place, right?

                                *** Coy *** 



kathlyna22 said...

Hi Coy, this is my first time to your journal, I just read you live in Boca?!? I'm moving to Del Ray Beach in a year, thats nearby right?
Glad you survived Ivan, I'm in New Orleans, and after all of the commotion, we didn't even get rain!

sonensmilinmon said...

Vote? What vote?  Where was I? When did this happen? Vegas?  How about beautiful Lake Tahoe?  Mmm, east coast ... that can get expensive.  I take it anyone in j-land is invited?  Gawd, I had mentioned this months ago and everyone thought I was crazy, sigh.


dbaumgartner said...

Hey Mon. I agree with you.  What vote and why Vegas.  I would think we'd want to get together where we could meet, greet, hang out and just chat.  Seems Vegas will be too distracting and we might miss out on meeting some great J-Landers.

ann7inflorida said...

Cool!!! Enjoy the show! & I agree with you, 2 meetings are kind of lame. : (

emfeasel said...

How COOL is that!??!!


deabvt said...

Yea!   Enjoy!

cneinhorn said...

That's great, sounds like it will be alot of fun..........enjoy!!  


slowmotionlife said...

I don't think I'd like having two different conferences either.  There's bound to be someone I'm going to miss if I only go to one.  Let's hope they reconsider that.   Congrats on the free tickets!!!  You'll be singing AND dancing in the rain.  :D