Friday, September 24, 2004

Here we go again, this time it's Jeanne.


I took this photo today, I wonder where this guy will ride out the storm?

    Just Wednesday she was headed safely out to sea and now

 Jeanne is headed straight for us.

     If any of you are counting, you'll already know that this will be the 4th hurricane to hit Florida in the past 6 weeks.

     As of 5:00 this evening we are officially under hurricane warnings, and we have not had a chance to completely clean up after Frances.

     Is anyone else experiencing Hurricane Exhaustion Syndrome? :.:.: sigh :.:.:

     Lot's of preparations to make, more details later.

                             *** Coy ***


merelyp said...

gahah! <<==that is the sound of my appreciating your grand photo!  Batten down the hatches, dear Coy.  This hurricaine business is getting tedious.  Hope Jeanne just gets too dizzy out at sea.  thinking of you--

sepintx said...

I love it! I know that dragonfly pose well :-)

I hope Jeanne is a fizzle as Ivan II was here. Wishing you well and batten down the hatches one more time.

deabvt said...

Ugh!  Prayers continue!

ggal3133 said...

Prayers for you and all of Florida. Jeanne is suppose to be our way sometime Tuesday. Here's hoping and praying she goes back out to sea!

Love the picture :)

sonensmilinmon said...

WoW, incredible picture ... ENTER it in a photo contest! I'm not joking ~ it's cool.

Hurricane, can Florida take any more battering?  I swear it's getting OLD! PLEASE talk to that weatherman and tell him ENOUGH.  OK, I forgot he's just the messenger.  I will keep all of you in my prayers.  

I don't ever remember Florida getting hit so hard, so often, and I used to live in Florida.  My son is still in a shelter up in Pensacola. He's ready to leave!


nanmm11 said...

I swear I can see his eyelids and an expression on his face that says "oh!crap here we go again"!! Walt Disney himself couldn't have taken a better picture.God bless both of you.

ann7inflorida said...

*Ahem* Yes...I am experiencing hurricane exhaustion syndrome. ; ) LOVE the pic! ~Ann

cneinhorn said...

What a great photo!  

I'm thinking of you Coy, and Ann and all our Florida safe.


fisherkristina said...

Love the photo!  -Krissy

slowmotionlife said...

Reading your entries in reverse, so I don't know yet how you weathered the storm.  But I was watching and praying all weekend long.  Sheesh... enough is really enough!!  Is this some kind of record or something???