Sunday, September 12, 2004

The magnificence of the ordinary


      I took a moment to reconnect with nature today


     It was easy to recognize the magnificence of the ordinary


     Basking in gratitude of having spent one more day in paradise


                       *** Coy ***




emfeasel said...

Coy, that is so beautiful. I'm glad you are spending one more day in paradise, too.


dellis0408 said...

Hi Coy....Love your "Dancing in the Rain".    I am originally from Memphis, TN, but live now in Southern California.  Not much rain here, but remember walking and dancing in the rain as a child and with my late husband.

Sorry that Florida has been hit so hard this year.  My prayers are with you and all of the others who live there.  I have a nephew who lives in St. Augustine.

Hang in there and God Bless.

DeeDee - dellis0408@

dbaumgartner said...

Beautiful!  Thank you for sharing a bit of nature's splendor.

cneinhorn said...

lovely.......what a great photo!

merelyp said...

this is so gorgeous it doesn't look real!

judithheartsong said...

lovely, lovely.