Friday, December 23, 2005

Brittney's 20th


     My niece Brittney just turned 20, her party was on the same day as my South Beach trip. Even after starting my day at 5:30 am, I had no problem rushing back to Boca after a full day of fun in the sun to make it to this chocolate lovers dream.  


     You can sort of tell from the photos just how sweet the evening was. I'm not so big on chocolate myself but Suzy ... you really should have been there.


    The cake was so spectacular, it seemed almost a shame to cut it.


     My photos don't do the decorations justice, those huge white spandex with ostrich feather palm trees, looked so incredibly awesome all lit up out on the patio. The cocktail glasses and ice cubes and even the pillows were also lighted in vibrant colors.


     The house was filled with family and friends that we've known forever. That's Brittney's Aunt Lisa on the couch, broke her foot playing miniature golf earlier in the day.



     Hmmm ... is that jell-o?


     We ate a little, we drank a little and mostly we sat outside by the fire and played catch up until really late. Yep my day started at 5:30 am and ended after 2:am wouldn't have changed a single thing.


     Jeff and I practiced taking shots of the fire, his camera is also a Nikon Cool Pics, so our features were very similar. Most of them came out looking like little red glowing spots in the dark or the indoor party setting lit the whole area up so much it looked like it was day light.

     Pete (Spera Photography) took the two shots above with my camera, he happens to be one of the best wedding photographers in the area (he's not so bad as a fire photographer either it seems) used Macro setting no flash. I'll try it myself nest time we're sitting around the fire.

      The Holiday season continues ... and it's not even Christmas Eve yet!




suzypwr said...

I am still stuck on the chocolate. No one called me??


nhd106 said...

Looks like SUCH a good time!  Wish I was there...

ally123130585918 said...

Everyone looks to be having a good the pictures of the Fire......Have a lovely Christmas....Ally

sunnyside46 said...

oh I love days like that, so much love to cram into 24 hours

luvmort said...

My goodness did you have a full day!
I never had such a turnout for my 20th! Very cool.

judypearllove said...

I love the pic of the little girl looking at all of those goodies. her eyes are so funny. and of coarse the fire. I spend all of my days and nights lately making fires in my wood burning insert in my fireplace keeping my house warm instead of using my gas burning central heat. It's much cheaper and pretty at the same time