Monday, December 5, 2005

Rain International entry #3

11/20 It's lonely here in J-Land

     Thinking of you, as you all head out in different directions.

No where to go ...

nothing to say ...

no one to see ...

Dam you AOL


coy1234787 said...


Not everyone left! I wonder how many will come back as they miss our little community?

Comment from suzypwr - 20/11/05 19:23

Great Pic... As always! And, it's not lonely... just a little disorganized right now. I'm finding I'm loving Bloglines... put it in combo with firefox and Wow! See, you use Firefox and when you see a journal you want to go to and comment, read more, etc, you open the link -In- another tab! I already loved tabbed browsing when I was doing non-AOL stuff, but the combo with bloglines?.... LOVING it! Can we say Waaaaay better than wonky alerts??
Comment from astaryth - 20/11/05 18:07


For the time being I will stay with my Bank of America banner ad.  At least it's not jumping, gyrating etc. But when the banner is for .... well I can't think of an example but I'll know it when I see it.
Comment from billbinford54 - 20/11/05 15:39


It is lonely Coy...but I'm still here.
Love you babe,
Comment from indigosunmoon - 20/11/05 05:39


You can come see my new digs. LOL
Comment from ryanagi - 20/11/05 02:11

coy1234787 said...

Miss you too, girl.  But Albert's right ~ we're not gone, just in transit.  We'll adapt and move forward, online as in life.  

Look at the bright side ~ I love that you're on Greenwich Mean Time now!  Tres International!   So how's the weather in London?  ;)
Comment from txsguinan - 25/11/05 20:47


In answer to Suzy-- I, for one, will never come back to AOL-J as long as there's a banner ad over my journal.  

We need to think of Cyberspace as our community now!  It can be done!
xxoo, Albert
Comment from lamove04 - 22/11/05 17:53

You know I haven't been here much lately, anyway, with posting at The Blue Voice since June.  I'm not elinminating my AOL Journals, too much invested in them for that.  I'm hanging in there hoping that AOL will come to its corporate senses and take those stupid banners away.  How did you do this international journals thing?  Please give us directions.  Looks like the old familiar journal format.
Comment from marigolds2 - 21/11/05 17:17

psychfun said...

Excellent Photo to demonstrate what AOL did to all of us! So sad! Come visit me in the meantime!

nhd106 said...

What am I? Chop liver?  Well!

sanforized6 said...

I think I've read enough. Time for saner heads. The DAMN banners should not break up a community so easily. I'm gonna write an entry about my thoughts today. rich

sunnyside46 said...

it was like a cyber hurricane