Thursday, December 29, 2005

An Italian Christmas ...

     With my family away, I spent Christmas with some friends that I've known forever ... well it feels like forever anyway.



    Their family (Italian) and ours (Southern) often spend time together at holidays, sometimes we laughingly refer to these get togethers as "Dinner With The Clampits and the Gambinos."




The kids played a little pool, a little living room football and a little fetch with Bella ...


     The food was Italian, very Italian ... YUM!



     Thanks you guys for letting me be part of your family this Christmas while mine was away.



     Really, I was having fun although you sure can't tell from this photo, ugh!

     Oh ... I did gain a new work out partner out of the deal, Denise is going to start going to the gym with me before work in the mornings on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, starting Jan. 2nd YAY! 

     Hoping Sheila will want to start again too, she and I haven't been since Hurricane Wilma.  Ever notice how easy it is to get distracted form an exercise routine and how difficult it can be to get back on track?


     Oh say hello to Pauly ... can't forget about "Pauly the Parrot." 

     I knew this was going to be a different kind of Christmas for me and my goal this year was to indulge myself in the presence of friends that are like family ... looking back on December's entries in Rain I can say without a doubt, "mission accomplished."



suzypwr said...

I had Christmas dinner at my daughter's friend's house - also very Italian. I found it to be very much fun, too! I am glad you enjoyed yours!


rjet33 said...

So glad you had a nice time with friends since you could not be with your own family.  Lovely photos.  Thanks so much for sharing!

Happy New Year!~

nhd106 said...

Seems like a nice time was had by all....I'm glad!   Happy Holidays friend.

sunflowerkat321 said...

It looks like it was a lot of fun!!

Glad you have a workout partner all lined up.  It is SO easy to get sidetracked!!!  Having a buddy is a HUGE help.

sanforized6 said...

I think you're right! Good ending to a good month! rich

luvmort said...

That looked like a whole lot of fun!
I know what you mean about the gym. I went for the first time on Tues, blew off last night and am determined to go back today. After my nap, of course!

deabvt said...

Coy, these are great Pics. I feel as if I was a guest!
Happy New Year!

lamove04 said...

My Aunt Renee married an Italian, my Uncle Will (or Vito!).  So Christmas was always at their house and always very Italian.  Lasagne and Christmas trees, a good combo.  Looks like you had fun, Coy-- hope you are well, and have a very Hapy New Year!

xxoo, Albert

sunnyside46 said...

you have a talent for fun!