Monday, December 5, 2005

What ever it takes, grrr ...

     With a little time on my hands, I'm trying to move Rain's archives over to blogger. Everyone has been quite helpful with advice on getting started. Thank you for that.

I do have to admit though ... I'm really missing the familiar, user friendly options I'm used to here at AOL.

     I have successfully posted my first photo and now I would like to add additional images to my entry in the same format that I use here ... with my J-link du jour graphic and my butterfly signature graphic at the end of my entry.

     Hmmm ... not easy to get them where you want them and not easy to cut or get rid of something I've added and don't want. (Oh ... maybe I should try control x) And ... how about making something smaller than the small image option?

     Ummm ... do we get a hit counter at blogspot? Not that it really matters but I did just look at the counter here and have to say I never imagined that anyone would care enough to stop here and I never, ever thought I would see that counter read 30,629.



      I was upset the minute I saw the banner ads in my journal on black Tuesday a few weeks ago, I was relieved when I found out I could continue posting ad free at AOL International Journals in the same format I've grown so accustomed to. 

     I didn't get angry enough to commit to doing what ever it takes to move until I read the kiss off letter from Bill Schreiner in Joe's Journal. Now successfully moving my journal and it's archives to Blogspot is a matter of principle rather than a matter of inconvenience and aesthetic discontent.

      Why should I continue to be a loyal paying customer, when those providing the service openly admit that they could care less about any of us ... not to mention the fact that they are giving nearly everything I pay for away for free now?

    My choice for J-link du jour is the original On the cove of the Ku entry I posted after creating (by hand) the J-Land graphic above during our First Anniversary Celebration. You will notice that the original graphic said AOL J-Land ... don't think they didn't notice. They asked me at the time to sign over the rights to the graphic if I was going to post it, and I did. But realizing that AOL actually had nothing to do with J-Land ... I took the AOL part off and have been using it ever since.

     Every time I look at it, I'm reminded of the amazing, talented friends I've made here and how close we have become. Now that we have been forced to leave the comfortable confines of our familiar neighborhood I'm taking it with me as a reminder that as long as we stick together no matter where we journal, it will be J-Land. 

     Please feel free to use it if you like, whether you are staying here at AOL or moving on. 




suzypwr said...

You could just switch to AIM and use the journal for free. AOL is pretty much the same as MSN now anyway. Just cancel paying for AOL and use it all free.


amyhschwartz said...

Long time reader, seldom comment, but I have been here the whole time...  I also have moved to blogger, and was really angry at the attitude of higher ups at aol abt j's.  Love yougraphic, thanks foralways seeming to light at the end of the tunnel:-)

sunflowerkat321 said...

Moving the archives is a monster job.  If you've discovered an easier way that cut/paste...please let me know.

I'm in complete agreement with you about that snotty arogant letter. Obviously, customer appreciation is a foreign concept at AOL.

astaryth said...

O.K.... want to do more with pics over at Blogger? First, Don't upload them to blogger. Either use your AOL FTP space, or open an account with a host like Flickr or Photobucket. Now, instead of using the little photo icon, swith to HTML and manually add your pics. I find I have more control that way!

psychfun said...

Let us now your blogger address when you are ready & you can put a spot for us to put our email in & it will alert us.

psychfun said...

Also I will be moving too over Christmas break!

astaryth said...

Just think of it as J-land extending it's borders!

luvmort said...

I was a little miffed at the letter, too.
I am glad I made my decision beforehand, though.
See you on Blogger, neighbor.

BTW, Mortimer is coming.