Monday, December 5, 2005

Rain International entry #7

11/26 All good things ...

eventually die. OK, so it's not dead. I'm exaggerating a bit but ... my 1999 Hyundai Elantra is in need of replacing. I've been driving for almost 2 years now without a car payment, YAY!!! 

     I've had almost no trouble at all with this car in the last 7 years (highly recommend Hyundai) but ... it's getting to the age and the mileage (94,000) where things are going to start needing to be replaced.

     The A/C went out last week, I had freon added with no guarantee that it would be a permanent solution. (it wasn't). I've got a serious leak and the unit needs to be replaced.

     This is not the worst time of year to be without A/C in South Florida (it's actually been little more than an inconvenience not to have it this week). Other than the A/C the car is in perfect running condition and I could probably replace the A/C and drive it another year or so but ... I work hard, I deserve a nice car and I'm on my way out the door to find one. Just need to look up the name and address of the 4 local dealers near me.

     I've been in sales all of my life so my negotiating skills are fairly sharp. I've included a copy of the notes I'm taking with me, let me know if I've forgotten anything.

     Happy Saturday all.




coy1234787 said...

So you're getting another Hundai? Did you know the Toyota Camry is the most popular car in the US? LOL
Comment from ryanagi - 28/11/05 05:06


Wow! You`re all set!
Comment from deabvt - 27/11/05 12:55


Act real stupid, at first, then when they think they've GOTCHA, pull out your guns!! Sounds like a good plan. rich
Comment from sanforized6 - 27/11/05 01:36


My car is dying a slow death.  I've been without a payment
for about two years now.  I got in it this morning and the
heater fan doesn't work. The glove compartment latch
is broken and it's making a funny noise.  <sigh>

Your list looks thorough to me!

Comment from indigosunmoon - 26/11/05 22:42


That was a lot of work! I am no help - I lease. I also drive Toyotas. Good luck!!

I think you forgot the part about wearing a low cut top when you go.

Comment from suzypwr - 26/11/05 18:51


luvmort said...

Mortimer is coming. Be afraid. Be very afraid!

nanmm11 said...

Just be careful of all those cars that will undoubtedly hit the market from the flood zones!!!News reports here in New England have been talking about what will be heading all over the U.S. make sure you know where the car was before you decide to buy. Other than that, your a buyer to be rekoned with. Good Luck

sunnyside46 said...

I wish I had you with me when I got  my car... I got a crappy deal. that's what happens when you walk to the car dealership