Monday, December 5, 2005

Rain International entry #9


Purple Passion ...

Old friends, paths crossed, tentative thoughts of possibility.

Entwined hands, awkward kiss, passion grows, valentine.

Gratifying small talk, struggling hearts. Daring to live, love, laugh and trust again.

Opening up and then closing the door, the good bad and ugly, being fully understood.

Hope grows, as the unknown becomes familiar and then adored.

Giving and taking, wanting more, succunbing to passion yet two years later still somewhat reserved.

 Sometimes helpless and hopeless, other times in complete control. I love you is spoken, but is it really heard?

Vulnerable hearts wanting nothing more than to love and be loved, but not quite prepared to surrender.

Cosmic courtship of Venus and Mars, discontentedly accepting the silence and preparing to dance solo in the rain.

Purple Passion!


Ugh! Love sick ... remind me not to try this again!



nhd106 said...

Wow Coy...did you really write this?   It is so incredibly honest and beautiful....really.  

coy1234787 said...

Aw...the Purple Passion of Poetry.  Is that anything like the Fickle Finger of Fate?  ;)

Sweet.  By all means do it again. :)
Comment from txsguinan - 30/11/05 22:35


Hey Coy...I'm zipping through and trying to get caught up on everyone.  My computer was flaked out for a few days.  I just wanted to let you know I'd been here and that I put this location on alert.

Comment from sunflowerkat321 - 30/11/05 22:26


Vulnerable hearts wanting nothing more than to love and be loved -I just loved this line....Ally
Comment from ally123130585918 - 30/11/05 09:29


Have you been drinking? LOL ;-)  Lovely thoughts.
Comment from ryanagi - 30/11/05 07:52


This must be more than a chair!
Comment from suzypwr - 30/11/05 01:02


Aw Coy...I just loved it.
Every single word...
Comment from indigosunmoon - 30/11/05 00:16


Do it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment from deabvt - 29/11/05 22:32


sunnyside46 said...

a precious purple passion poem