Monday, December 5, 2005

Rain International entry #8

December 1st ...

      is World Aids Day. Dancing in the Rain International is putting on it's ribbon a few days early. Promoters are aiming for 10,000 websites to be wearing the ribbon by December 1st.

     To learn more about World Aids Day and to get your own virtual red ribbon go HERE now!!! What are you waiting for?


     BTW ... my choice for J-Link of the day would have been one of three memorable J-Land AIDS entries written by Albert, Michael and Mortimer. 

      I won't be linking to any of those entries tonight out of respect for the writers self imposed exile from J-Land after AOL's decision to add the distracting and highly annoying banner ads to our journals. Oops ... I'm trying not to write about the banner ads here in my new space. 


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coy1234787 said...

Thanks for reminding us about World AIDS day-- that's so sensitive of you, Coy.  Curious which entry of mine you WOULD have linked?

There are still so many suffering from this disease, as well as those who still feel grief over friends and loved ones lost...  --Albert
Comment from lamove04 - 30/11/05 15:09


Thanks, I will add to mine.
I guess I am missing something in the uproar about the banner ads???  Or am I just too old to get hot and bothered any more?
Comment from billbinford54 - 28/11/05 11:42


thanks for the reminder!
Comment from psychfun - 28/11/05 08:16