Monday, December 19, 2005

Mort was here, the whole story ...

     well ... at least my version!   

    I just love meeting my friends from J-Land ... there never seems to be any of that awkward "meeting someone for the first time" kind of stuff to go through.  

     Our day started at 8 am, yep a little early for a vampire up all night kind of guy with jet lag but hey ... it's a vacation, right?  A quick hug and the conversation began with the familiarity and ease of two people that have known each other forever. It was like that when I met Michael and Becky too!



    We made it to the Marina just in time to catch our boat that was docked and waiting to take us on a voyage down the Intercoastal to Miami's South Beach. 



     OK, OK ... so that wasn't our boat, but it should have been. Ours was more like THIS and it was 15 minutes late, but it was worth the wait. That boat in the photo above looked totally awesome all lit up at night. Didn't get a photo, wonder if Mort did?


    Manatee Season begins here in November, seeing all the signs sort of got Mort going and his quest for the day became to spot a Manatee. Ummm, yeah ... he went on for-ev-er about the manatee he was searching for but, because we haven't had enough cold weather yet the chances of seeing one were little to none, despite what the signs said. So ... he had to settle for a tarpon or two ... not quite the same.


    BTW ... Albert of course came up with the right answer to the mystery man question from my last entry. It was Chunk, Mort's room mate and one of the co-staring characters from the Mortimer's Cafe' Journal.     

     Chunk is defiantly one of those show tune kind of guys, probably knows the words to every song and I delighted in watching him try to hold him self back from breaking into song and dance at Johnny Rockets Sidewalk Cafe' where, BTW ... we didn't catch even one of those impromptu mini shows you expect from the waiters when you're there.


   We did however, get the ketchup smiley faces (but Mort had to ask.) What's up with that? and on South Beach no less!



    The colorful walk down Deco Drive was great, the boy's recognized some of the more infamous buildings. Their best "Donatella Voices" as we stood in front of the Versace home looking at the steps where Gianni was murdered, are ringing in my ears right now as I'm writing.  


     And then there was the confused conversation about which building, parts of the Birdcage was filmed in. Was it this one? or that one?


Final answer ... The Carlyle.


     We did take a quick walk down to the shore, one should never visit South Beach without walking on the sand, breathing in the salt air and soaking in the beauty of the turquoise water just abit.



     The real theme of the day seemed to be Christmas lights and Coconuts. No matter how many years you live here you never quite get used to the concept of a Tropical Christmas.  


     After walking for hours we finally made our way down to Lincoln Square and although we decide by then to forgo doing our Christmas shopping at the upscale boutiques there, we did happen to get our photo taken together in front of a highly controversial building (at least it's controversial in our world). 


    We spotted the Jackie Gleason Theater at the last minute and immediately we both thought of Michael. While we were chit chatting about our Michael meetings earlier this year, Mort called him on his cell phone just to say ... guess where I am? guess who I'm with? and guess what building we're looking at? Oh, and to catch up a bit some of the things that Just Keep Getting Stranger. Gotta love the connection of having mutual friends. 

     Of course we talked a bit about the rest of you. Even with the banner ad issues, there is still a strong since of community here, hopefully their always will be. (Not sure if I have the time, energy or technical know howto keep up with you guys in the new Blogspot Community :(


     We made our way back to the Marina for a Margarita before the loooong lazy boat ride back to Ft. Lauderdale. 11 hours of fresh air and sunshine was a lot for one day, just ask Chunk; )


 I know, I know ...  taking a photo of someone while they sleep is a little bit mean, just couldn't resist. BTW ... Chunk, if you read this,  I want to thank you again for sharing Mort with me for a day. Can't wait for you guys to come back.



cneinhorn said...

enjoyed every minute of this narration and your photos!  looks like a wonderful time was had by all!  :-)

suzypwr said...

What's better than a visit with a friend? FYI, I know for a fact that Santa does not usually wear flip-flops!

astaryth said...

Great Photos! And looks like a good time was definitely had by all! Meeting J-land friends... too cool!

nhd106 said...

What a fun narration w/ pics.....great !

nhd106 said...

What a fun narration w/ pics.....great !

donah42 said...

It looks like a blast! I ADORE Mortimer!!!

luvmort said...

I literally laughed my ass off. Thank you so much for such a wonderful retelling of our wonderful day together.
Taking a picture of my butt! Tsk, tsk!
I can't wait to show La Chunk the picture of him sleeping. Too damn funny!

djzgirl71 said...

I must admit to being highly jealous!  I am dying to meet Mort!  You lucky lucky woman!

Great shots but I have to tell you...I am ROTFLMFAO at the pic with Bof A!

**still belly laughing**


sunnyside46 said...

wow! What a beautiful place you live in!