Sunday, December 4, 2005

Looks like it's official ...

Those of us holding out here in J-Land to see what AOL was going to do about the banner ads, finally have an answer. Bill Schreiner, VP for AOL community programing addresses the situation in Joe's Magic Smoke Journal.

     In short he says that the banner ads are staying and that they are sorry if them putting the ads in our journals that we pay for, changes the way some of us feel about AOL. He also says that those of us that have chosen to move on will always be welcome in J-Land ... " J-Land" he says we will always be welcome in J-Land like he coined the phrase or something.

     This community VP that we've never even heard of before has no idea that the members of this community that are upset and moving on (ARE J-LAND).

      As I recall, it was Slo Mo in correspondence with Free Peace that came up with the name J-Land as a term of endearment towards the close knit members of this community that we have formed here. This has "NOTHING" to do with AOL.

     I suggested to Mr. Schreiner that he get permission from Slo Mo before he begins shaking hands, kissing babies and calling himself the VP of the J-Land Community. 

     We have demonstrated time and time again that we the people ... the writers, the poets, the artists, the photographers, the online as well as real life friends found here are J-Land. NOT THE CORPORATE OUT TO MAKE A BUCK ANY WAY WE CAN OVERLORDS OF AOL. The Vivi awards are a perfect example of this.

     AOL has left me no choice but to reserve myself a Blogspot and move out into cyberspace with the rest of my J-Land friends. I don't know how everyone else feels about it, but I'm thinking that no matter where we end up journaling, it will be J-Land to me as long as we all stick together. AOL overlords will never have anything to do with that.

    Now, about Blogspot ... I did reserve a Blogspot for Dancing in the Rain about a week or so ago. I've got a little time on my hands this month and would like to move all of my archives there before I fully move in and start posting daily.

     I'm already having problems. When I view my blog, I'm only seeing the first entry that I posted. The others are there ... I just don't see them. Anyone have any advice on getting started with blogger without getting frustrated?

     Of course my choice for J-Link du jour is called a message from above, it's the one written by "Our Community VP???" over in the "Official AOL Journals Blog???" Magic Smoke, found HERE.



ondinemonet said...

Hey Coy

I sent you an email about how you may be able to see your entries. Hope I could help! :)

Always, Carly

judithheartsong said...

Good for you Coy... the exodus list that is updated is at 150 journals and counting...... it is growing every day.
After you save a new entry at Blogspot and update, go back to your main page and right click anywhere on the screen.... hit refresh there and you will see all your entries. Don't worry, no matter what question you have, there will be someone to answer it as somebody has already tackled the problem before you. We ARE J-Land and the spirit of the community is alive and well.
Very good posts... these things need to be said.

ecori said...

I was going to tell you how to refresh your page... but I see Judi beat me to it!

There are plenty of folks around to help with your questions.  Just ask!



sistercdr said...

I've already got your new place bookmarked!  There's always someone around to help with the technical stuff at blogspot.  You're so right.  AOL didn't create the community, we bloggers did, and despite the change in URL, it still exists.  See you in the new neighborhood.

psychfun said...

I wrote my comments in Joe's entry of what I emailed to "Mr. Scheider!" Ugh! He has no clue! I'll be moving too in a few weeks when school is done & I have more time. Sad but they leave us no choice!

psychfun said...

I see 2 entries on yours right away. Hmmm. Also you can set it up on the sidebar, for people to enter their email address to get alerts. It is probably in the set up properties.

astaryth said...

Coy, any thing you think I can help with, drop a comment in my blog, or an e-mail in my box and the answer (if I have it <g>) will be winging towards you. I've been playing with stuff over there... even stuff I don't plan to use... so I can help out if people need me. I even set up a 'test' place to test out changing templates, and eventually writing them from scratch. So far I've figured out: How to change text colors and styles, change the background, change 'captions', add stuff to the sidebar, make the columns a different size and how to add banners and music.... It's actually a good thing to go out and do something new... learning keeps the brain working <g>

I see someone already told you how to see your entries. I just want to add that you can change how many entries show on your front page. So, that is a custom set up over there, unlike AOL that arbitrarily <sp?> sets up with 10 entries showing ;p

xzasporated1 said...

I just hope everybody really sees what he said:  America Online does not consider personal journals to be any different than chatrooms and message boards.  If that isn't a red flag, I don't know what is.

Well done.

~~ jennifer

mariebm56 said...

where did you get the Jland graphic?
I want to use it.
I will put your link on my Blogspot Journal.

suzypwr said...

AOL is turning into MSN - available for free, full of ads. Once Microsoft buys AOL I wonder if they will charge or not?


gabreaelinfo said...

I wanted to let you know the 1st Edition of the Moved J-Landers are out. I have posted them in my sidebar along with directions on how to download them if you desire to add them to your links.


mavarin said...

Welcome to the Blogspot subdivision of J-Land!  I'll check out your new address and add it to my sidebar.  

There's lots of technical help around for anyone who needs it.  We're all learning new stuff, all the time, and that's as it should be.


luvmort said...

See you there. Don't forget the latest Cafe right around the corner!