Monday, December 5, 2005

Rain International entry #6

11/26   Today ...


There were little things


in my back yard, that beckoned:


get close, touch, observe.




coy1234787 said...

That caterpillar is awesome!  Blimey, I like your new UK digs... now figure out Blogspot and come say hello!  xxoo, Albert
Comment from lamove04 - 30/11/05 15:06


I love that yellow caterpillar on the flower,   things still blooming your way?

Comment from deveil - 30/11/05 04:05


Beautiful! I love the squrille.
Comment from ryanagi - 28/11/05 05:05


Beautiful! Did you take the photos? Love them all. Blessings, Sassy ;-)
Comment from sassydee50 - 27/11/05 20:20


What wonderful shots... ANd I like the way you arranged them with your Haiku! VERY nice!
Comment from astaryth - 26/11/05 20:15


Comment from indigosunmoon - 26/11/05 15:30


Oh, how PRETTY!
Comment from suzypwr - 26/11/05 14:04


Very nice indeed!
Comment from csandhollow - 26/11/05 13:58


Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!
Found you!
Wonderful `ku!!!!!!!!!!
Comment from deabvt - 26/11/05 11:34


Besautiful pictures.......Glad I've caught up with you again....Ally
Comment from ally123130585918 - 26/11/05 08:29


nhd106 said...

I am getting more and more impressed, you little devil!    Nancy

luvmort said...

Wait till I post the pictures of snow, brat!

nanmm11 said...

go ahead rub in those nice warm and sunny days there in Fla. lol the squirrels up north are busy toiling for their nuts instead of stopping to smell the flowers. lol

sunnyside46 said...

what an eye you have